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My experience


McKinsey & Company
Consultant/Junior Manager

Focused on driving change in numerous organizations by conducting research, conducting analyses, communicating to clients and persuading them of the need for change, and leading McKinsey and client people in their analyses. Involved in various projects, usually as part of 2-4 person teams and 2004-2006 as team leader 


BT Group - BT Consumer
Strategy -> Propositions

Starting as Head of Strategy for BT Consumer I first developed their new portfolio strategy and then took over the delivery of the new bundled products portfolio, which I afterwards managed as well. It rapidly grew to billions of pounds in revenue


BT Group, BT Business 
Strategy -> Commercial

Then I joined BT's Business unit as Strategy Director and overhauled the strategy and investment plan with the divisional CEO

To deliver this strategy I then took on the leadership of BT Business's Commercial, Marketing & Online function (240 people), running product development & managment, pricing, marketing comms and digital strategy


Independent Consultant

To create some change I took on some independent consulting. Two interesting projects included:

  • Developed an updated strategy and partnering approach for an infrastructure company 

  • Designed a new operating model for B2B division of a UK telco


SVP Strategy & Transformation

I joined during the formation of this world leading video-service specialist

I finalised the strategy and kept it under review. I also led the integration process that created the company, a Private Equity led combination, and then was involved in extensive M&A activity as well.

Later on I also took on the product development team (mostly software) and renewed the portfolio strategy


SVP Business Management

Joined this video meeting software/SaaS specialist straight after their $1bn IPO. Started with projects on eCommerce, channel strategy and M&A, before moving onto a strategy refresh. Then created a product function to shape growth into the new areas identified by the strategy and launched numerous new products 

Interesting Projects

Here are a selection of some of the projects I've led over the years, both as a executive and as a consultant, including the outcome

Dish Antenna

Creating a new bundled offering

At a large telco I was tasked to create a packaged offer capability. I researched extensively, determined the key customer needs and created a 1 page, 10 point set of design principles.

A year later we successfully launched having adhered to every point

Equalizer Icon

Updating Strategy for Investors

Working with a large electronics manufacturer, the leadership established that the company needed new investors and partners. I rapidly produced adapted and understable strategies for all core product areas, incluidng identifying new areas for investment as well as products to be retired

Lamp Post

Strategy evolution with an ecommerce specialist

As a short project with a growing Dutch ecommerce specialist I worked with the CEO and management to review their customer journey and tighten up the strategic focus. Outputs included strategy presentations for all hands and investors, as well as a programme plan & approach

Metro Bridge

Rolling out new capabilities

At a large infrastructure player I and a colleague consultant did a quick 5-week scan to determine the viability of adding new capabilities to the network.

We assesed and costed all relevant options and summarised risks and recommendations

Writing a new strategy

Working with a large video specialist, I identified that too much of the strategy was focused on high risk business. I did a full analysis and successfully proposed a reallocation of resources to other areas.

This successsfully protected the company when the original target market disappeared

Fixing a local business unit

Working at a IT service provider we identified sudden underperfomance in  a country. I did a week of analysis, visited for a week and talked to all key staff. 

Analysis showed the problem was not new, and I wrote an 8 point practical action plan to resolve, which was then used as the basis of a turnaround

Preparing a new operating model

Together with another consultant I reviewed the design of the operating model of a large B2B telco. We went through several workshops with unit leaders and identified a Target Operating Model that would be more effective for the same cost

Fixing an Insurance Broker Network

Working with a large insurer I led a team to improve the performance of their broker channel. Analysis showed that many brokers were losing the business money, and that resources were going to the wrong partners. 

We delivered a broker segmentation and detailed resource allocation plans to hugely increase channel effectiveness

Other info

Throughout my life I've moved several times between England and the Netherlands. I used to travel a lot, but nowadays I spend more time with my four children. 

In my spare time I study languages, history and enjoy walking and running (well, 'enjoy' is stretching it for that last one). I am also a district lead (wijkhoofd) for the Reumafonds




M.A. Economics

Christ's College

University of Cambridge

I studied Economics at Cambridge with a focus on macro-economics and economic history. My dissertation on the Dutch labour market 1982-94 was supervised by Lord Eatwell, chief economic advisor to the Labour Party,  and supported by Ruud Lubbers, former Prime Minister of the Netherlands

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