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Campaign Pitch

Strategy Consulting

Expert Guidance in Strategy  other Managment questions

Finalising a strategy can seem a remote, theoretical activity.

But business is like walking - if you don't know where you're going you won't get there!

Most business leaders have a sense of where they'd like to go and I'm here to help them to get there. Based on many years of experience I can help you:

  1. Clarify and write down what your strategy is

  2. Check and demonstrate that the strategy makes sense and is supported by the facts

  3. Create a detailed plan to get the strategy delivered

  4. Get the strategy ready for communication to different groups - staff, Boards, investors, senior management

Product Consulting

Interim management

Expert Guidance in Product and Portfolio questions

Hands on support to get things moving

Creating and maintaining great products is a fundamental business process, which I've led in many companies for many years. 
At the heart of the process is the balance between customer demand and business capability. 

Whether you want to set up a product team as part of your scale up plan, or have a product development function that you'd like to improve, I can help. Together we will

  • Review the product set you're trying to get to

  • Understand the processes and the team you have to make that happen now

  • Get feedback from customers and different parts of your business about what's working, or not

  • Design and launch a strong product process

As an experienced executive as well as a consultant, I offer the option of longer projects where I take on a role in the business. I have experience as Commercial Director, Product Director, Marketing Director as well as Strategy Director 

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